Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing our friends (we see our customers as friends) with the most unique outdoor experience available along the Grand Strand. Blue Wave Adventures continually strives to offer you the highest quality in service and product possible. We hope to infect you with our love and enthusiasm for the ocean and it's many fascinating inhabitants. We have a true passion for what we are doing. This passion translates into a superior experience for you, your family and friends.

We Are Different
Second to your safety and comfort is the impact that we have on dolphins and the ocean environment. You will not find us using harmful techniques such as "shrimp netting" or feeding to lure dolphins in for viewing. This only habituates the dolphins, changes their natural behavior and exposes them to possible harm. Netting also needlessly kills many other species of sea life and damages the ocean bottom. We utilize low stress approach techniques, unlike some jet ski tours that engage in herding tactics, which only serves to endanger and stress mothers and calves. Additionally, dolphins have incredibly sensitive hearing and do not respond well to loud noise. The larger the vessel, the louder the engines, the less you see the dolphins. Our vessel, THE OSPREY, employs the use of gasoline four stroke engines over two stroke or diesel motors. This means an extremely quiet and smoke free ride for you. Plus, there are no engine residues pumped into the ocean.

We here at Blue Wave Adventures believe in behaving towards and treating our friends, dolphins and the environment in a respectful manner. We strive to give each one of you a unique and memorable experience. Our relationship with you is immeasurable to us. We ask that you allow us the opportunity to take you on the most intimate wild dolphin encounter along the South Carolina Coast.